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CDFJ’s Pillars

Our programs aim to empower and protect media and journalists, and promote human rights and freedom of expression, through effective advocacy and building strategic partnerships that contribute to creating a developed and enlightened civil society.

Media Status Index

Learn about the “Media Status Index,” which diagnoses the state of the media in Jordan and the Arab world by assessing the state of media freedoms, freedom of expression on social media platforms, and the professional status of media institutions, in addition to the journalists.

Media Status Index in Jordan

Media Status Index in Arab World


CDFJ seeks to develop digital platforms to train journalists on the use of technology in media work, and to provide a space to display visual and audio content.


CDFJ is an active member in many local coalitions, through which it seeks to work collectively with civil society organizations to promote the concepts of Democracy, Good Governance and Transparency.

CDFJ’s News

Follow with us the latest and most important news related to the status of media freedoms and journalists, in addition to the center’s activities, press releases and statements.